Stone Basin

Stone Basin
at Ryo An Jin

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the final IT

Hopefully there are no more changes now, and I am set to go. The trip was supposed to be part adventure and part business. Now it will be all business, but I did manage to salvage Kyoto, and at least looking forward to being there. India is no longer part of the IT, and neither is Yunnan. So, here it is:
May 3 HK
May 4 Canton
May 5 Canton
May 6 Phoenix Mtn: No internet, no phone, don't bother
May 7 HK
May 8 HK
May 9 Fu An
May 10-11 Fu An
May 12 Fu-Ding
May 13 HK
May 14-18 Taiwan
May 19-27 Kyoto
May 28 Return to US