Stone Basin

Stone Basin
at Ryo An Jin

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the final IT

Hopefully there are no more changes now, and I am set to go. The trip was supposed to be part adventure and part business. Now it will be all business, but I did manage to salvage Kyoto, and at least looking forward to being there. India is no longer part of the IT, and neither is Yunnan. So, here it is:
May 3 HK
May 4 Canton
May 5 Canton
May 6 Phoenix Mtn: No internet, no phone, don't bother
May 7 HK
May 8 HK
May 9 Fu An
May 10-11 Fu An
May 12 Fu-Ding
May 13 HK
May 14-18 Taiwan
May 19-27 Kyoto
May 28 Return to US


56BSA said...

Hi Winnie.
Thanks for the tea adventures. I'm bringing some long philadelphus branches covered with white flowers into Teance tomorrow.
ps. Your copy of Six Chapters of a Floating Life is on its way from Amazon.

Michael said...

Dear Winnie:
I am so jealous of your trip. If I ever stop teaching here at Vassar College I'm coming to work for Teance (tell Sebastian). This morning as i reading your blog a shipment arrived from Teance. Excellent stuff. Good luck with the trip!