Stone Basin

Stone Basin
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 5 HK, Tano, and Teashops

Tano arrives, on time, energetic, talking a mile a second, and of course, hungry. I scooped him into one of the trillion dim sum parlours in Sheung Wan and ordered his favorites, the Har Gau(shrimp dumplings), the Cheung Fan (rice rolls), and Shanghai Shao Long Bao with crab. By the time Seb arrived to join us, we had cleared through about 20 selections. I thought it was time. Next, I ordered the fish maw and fish head with brains. Since they have to rely on me to order in Cantonese, I thought I would take the opportunity to test what stuff Tano was made of. When the fish heads arrived, Tano didn't bat a lash, took a bite of the fish cheeks, and almost died and went to heaven. He ate the entire fish cheeks and brains and maybe even the eyeballs. Seb ordered some noodles.

Back at Wing Chi's shop for some tea afterwards to wait for Nicki. Nicki is Austrian and lives in Thailand, and his friend Steffan of Teegarten joined us for the day. Nicki rolls in, a giant with a huge smile. He pulls out his travel case of Himalayan salt and chilli peppers. We laughed and marveled but who are we to do that? We each have our own miniature travel gaiwan and cup set, not to mention Seb actually lugged, his metal can with the Phoenix oolong stash we just bought, all over town just so we can taste the freshest tea possible wherever.
Off to Mug Ngan Gey for noodles, the best Cantonese thin egg noodles on the planet. Served in relatively small bowls so not to get soggy, the texture was just al dente and slightly rubbery, and if you leave it in your soup for a couple seconds too late, it will be ruined! Tano says the problem is, you will never get it as good again, so in a way, it's a bad thing to experience. Well, whatever. I show up at this noodle shop each time I am in HK without fail. There is never this much consistency in life.


ying-ling said...

Great to read all of this. Say hi to Tano. Also need to find out where you put the other license plate of the van. Please Check your email.

ying-ling said...
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AM said...

hey winnie, must be fun travelling with the boys, eh? love hearing what you're up to and seeing the pix. love all around, a